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We find jobs for people who find jobs for people….and we specialise in finding our candidates the best possible career options within the Built Environment, Property & Engineering Recruitment market places. These are the only markets we operate in, because all our career expertise is from within these industry sectors. We don’t do IT. We dont do Finance. We do do Construction, Building, Engineering, The Built Environment, Property. That’s all.

People often have a diverse range of reasons as to why they want to change their current employers or role; these include:  

  • The culture of existing workplace; this may be the overall ethos of the company or specific managerial challenges
  • Improved career opportunities or to make the next step up the career ladder
  • Better overall rewards – both tangible and non-tangible, financial, work-pattern flexible working and overall package
  • Relocation, or to reduce existing commute times/logistics
  • Redundancy looming or strategic shifts in company direction

Whatever your reason to look for a new role in recruitment within the Built Environment, Property & Engineering sectors, CollinsSquared is ideally placed to help you discretely and effectively access the best jobs, both those advertised and those “under-the-radar” in the marketplace.

We currently operate with three hundred of the UK’s Built Environment and Engineering recruitment companies, ranging from multi-national corporates to smaller privately owned SME’s.

We will require some things from you as a candidate, not least of which is that you have experience of being a recruitment consultant and preferably that this experience is gained within the Built Environment or Engineering markets. Our Clients are discerning and want to buy in your expertise of this sector.

You will also need these qualities: HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY & THE CAPABILITY TO SUPPORT YOUR CAREER AND SALES WITH DOCUMENTATION. Reputable employers employ reputable employees so expect to support your career achievements with billing documentation, references and referees. 

As a recruitment professional with over thirty years’ experience in the Built Environment, Property and Engineering recruitment sectors, employed initially as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and working up to being a Regional Director, Duncan Collins has  either employed and trained or worked with over seventy current business owners and Directors in the industry and have established relationships with the key decision makers in virtually all Contingent Agents within this market. The range and depth of experience Duncan has had means that he knows what it is like to work and recruit in:

  • Contingency Agency recruitment – permanent, contract and temporary, white  & blue collar
  • Outsourced RPO and MSP contracted recruitment
  • Strategic/National Accounts Sales and Business Development
  • In-house Recruitment teams
  • Bids and Contracts/Account Management

All candidates will receive an empathetic understanding of just what it is like to face the challenges of recruitment both in your chosen market place and those set internally by your Managers or Directors. Because we’ve been there, on both sides of the fence, as a recruiter and Director.

Contact Duncan for a personal, confidential, in-depth discussion of your career and the best opportunities and organisations that will support you and enable you to enjoy continued success. You’ll find there is no hard sell, no flim-flam and no obligation. We only want to place those candidates who are committed to move and feel their career is best served by a new employer, so let’s talk and we can help you decide where and with whom your future lies.


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